The Indian Bindi.

Traditionally worn by Indian women as a sign of marriage, as well as being a traditional mark by southern Indians, Bindi (Hindi: बिंदी, from Sanskrit bindu, meaning "point, drop, dot or small particle") is a red dot worn on the centre-of the forehead, commonly worn by Hindu and Jain women. It is also described as "the sacred symbol of the cosmos " and is known as the ‘third-eye’ penal chakra. The area between the eyebrows where the Bindi is traditionally placed is said to be the seat of concealed wisdom. It is also said to retain energy and strengthen concentration! Repeat the sound ‘Om’ after a Babe…

Bindi Babe. The Home of Unique and Inspiring Jewels. Leading in bespoke Bindis… Modernise & Innovate Your Bindi Collection.

Update your collection: If you find yourself looking through your sets or mother's makeup box feeling uninspired, its the perfect opportunity to upgrade. The Bindi is re-emerging and becoming a most sought after Jewel. BB can be worn up-to 4 times after the first wear! All Bindis come with a care card, so feel free to read on how to keep your jewels in perfect condition. If you want to wear your favourite Bindi after the adhesive becomes less sticky, a tiny bit of eye-lash glue works wonders! Please do check with your local pharmacist / doctor 1st if you have sensitive skin.

Gift: Bindi’s make for perfect gifts! If you're shopping for another Babe, whether it's Diwali, a birthday, a calendar event or special occasion OR if you're a Bindi Bro’ who's in search for a beautiful and a unique item for your sibling on Raksa Bandhan, a significant other or your family and friends, Bindi Babe is THE place to shop.

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